Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet Fiona, My Irish Earthangel
Here is my newest Earthangel from my series of Earthangels From Cultures Around the World.
She gently reminds us that we carry our past into our present as we set our eyes on the future. We are apart of our ancestors and they are apart of us. They are our past and we are their future. Quantum physics tells us that time is not lineal but rather 'all time' is happening Now. So our past is with us now and so we can change our past as we change our perceptions of the past. Our future has many possibilities as we make our choices in each now moment which includes the past. If you want a brighter present or more possibilities in the future you have to reflect on your past so you can make changes of your perceptions of the past. All time is happening right now, your past, present and future possibilities. I think we can create more balance in our life when we can open up and embrace change as we expand and grow, while remembering that our past is still alive within us.
Fiona was created out of mixed media: collage newspaper, acrylic paint, and her frame is made out of tile grout and acrylic paint, I also put real Irish coins (which are no longer used) and rocks that resembles Calamara marble. I hope you enjoy seeing the process of the birthing of Fiona. If you are interested in purchasing a greeting card of Fiona you can go to our etsty shop.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

etsy treasury '...down the rabbit hole'

Take a peek at my Alice & Wonderland inspired treasury ‘…down the rabbit hole’ on etsy
here is the link

Grace & Love,

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Etsy Treasury Series...Color Block

Link to treasury:
New Treasury series I am working on Color Blocking.

Check out the first in the new series...Gray!

Stop by and see all the fantastic shops that I showcase in the cool tones of grays.

Enjoy peeking through